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Employees with more than 20 years of professional experience, who started their activity in the field of rubber and plastic industry in 1999, work in AGOMA company. Area of company activity is sale of rubber and plastic products.

Thanks to proactiveness and hard work of the team, the company is successful in realization of its ideas not only in Lithuania, but also in managing of international trade relationships with partners from more than 23 countries. One of the best manufacturers of rubber products, like „Optibelt“, „Semperit“, „Temac“, have confidence in „Agoma“.

We offer concentrated product range of rubber and plastic products, favorable prices and terms for acquisition on both retail and wholesale basis and reliable partnership.

We make the world flexible!

We do not like to leave unsettled problems: we take quality of sold products and provided services seriously.

We endeavor to become better than we were yesterday! 

A good team is already half of the work!

Meet our team

Marius Grišmanauskas

Tel. +370 612 16505
E-mail: marius@agoma.lt

Skaistė Vosyliūtė

Manager- administrator
Tel. +370 315 77169, +370 659 65301
E-mail: rasa@agoma.lt

Vytautas Marčiulaitis

Senior manager
Tel. +370 618 54575
E-mail: vytautas@agoma.lt

Milana Voverienė

Sales manager
Tel. +370 614 32001
E-mail: milana@agoma.lt

Tomas Prichožajus

Sales manager
Tel. +370 659 60899
E-mail: tomas@agoma.lt

Monika Razulytė

Supply manager
Tel. +370 659 41446
E-mail: monika@agoma.lt

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