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NR (natural) rubber sheet

Applications: Soft and elastic food grade rubber. Natural rubber (NR) sheets are used in applications, requiring elasticity combined with resistance to abrasion, tearing and low temperatures. This rubber is suitable for applications in the food and beverage industries. NR rubber sheets fulfil requirements of BfR (Europe).
These rubber sheets are intended for manufacturing of washers and seals operating statically in non-stretched conditions.

Manufacturer: EU
Working temperature: -40°C/+70°C
Hardness: 60 °Sh A (+-5)
Density: 1,50 g/cm³
Elongation at break: 300 – 400 %
Tensile strength: 5 – 8 MPa
Thickness*: 1- 50 mm
Interlayers: 0; 1; 2
Roll/sheet: 1,2 x 5/10 m
* rubber is delivered by sheets 1 x 1 m, when the rubber thickness is more than 15 mm 

NR (natural) rubber sheet

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